Acting Out

Everything we’ve ever done so far in our life have been witnessing. If you’re blind and can’t see, you’ve witnessed through your ears. If you’re deaf and can’t hear, you’ve witnessed through your eyes. We’ve witnessed happiness and laughter, sadness and grief, anger and violence, embarrassment and humiliation.

But have we ever done anything about it?

I confess that I have witnessed a crime, a theft, and that I have done nothing about it. I saw a street child pick the pocket of a girl as I was walking home and I did not do anything about it. I didn’t try to shout, to stop that boy from running away. Sometimes when I walk by the place where it happened, I’m hit with the guilt all over again. For some people, it’s not so significant, but for some reason, it hits me because I consider myself to be a good person. But if I was really a good person, why didn’t I stop it from happening?

What was I thinking while I watched that? Why didn’t I do anything about it? Was it because I felt pity for the street child? Or was it because I simply wasn’t brave enough?

Acting out, a shout, a grab, anything would have sufficed! All we need is a little courage. For some people it’s not even about courage – sometimes it’s just pure instinct.

If we don’t act on the little things, how can we expect ourselves to act on the big things? Let’s take a moment to look around us and witness the people. And then act. I’m sure it’s not just the people you’ve helped who will benefit from it – you’ll feel really great, too.

Daily Prompt – Witness


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