Oops! My bad.

If you search through the dictionary for the meaning of mistake, it’ll tell you it’s an erroneous action caused by poor judgement, insufficient knowledge, and a hundred other different causes.

But what about deliberate mistakes? Why would people mess up something on purpose? To what end?

Deliberate mistakes are actually pretty common in risk-takers and is an especially popular strategy in the business world. The motivation behind making deliberate mistakes is that if you want to do something but you have absolutely no idea how to do it perfectly, why not just jump headfirst into the fray? That way, you’ll be able to learn how to perfectly do it firsthand through your mistakes, and the next time you do it again, you’ll be able to do it perfectly! You’re learning through your mistakes, albeit in an unorthodox way.

To learn more on deliberate mistakes, you can go check out the following sites:

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