National Heroes’ Day

Today, August 29, is the last Monday of August which means that the Philippines is celebrating National Heroes’ Day!

However, this day not only pays tribute to the known heroes of the Philippines – it also pays tribute to all the unknown men, women and children who took up arms and fought not only against usurpers, but for the freedom and equality that every single person has a right to. They chose to fight to uplift and better the lives of their countrymen. They chose to fight to remove the chains that stifle our uniqueness, our talents, our intelligence so that we can fly as freely as birds do.

And they have succeeded! The Philippines is now a free nation.

But do our current actions embody the ideals and principles that our forefathers fought so hard for? They have sacrificed a great deal so that the future generations may live in peace and be an independent and strong force, and yet do we do right for them through our actions now? Take a moment to think about it.

Lastly, I’d like to remind you that you can be a hero in your own way. Your name may not be printed on the books, but your name will be printed in big, bold letters on the hearts of the people you’ve helped. Make an impression and you’ll live on in their minds.

Who’s your biggest hero? Leave a reply and let me know!


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